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72 Kenmare Street
New York, NY 10012


Have you ever been to Tokyo?  Had a proper Yakitori meal in Tokyo?  If you have, you’ll understand our obsession.  We’ve been desperately searching for a proper Yakitori meal in NYC since our return from Tokyo back in January.  Ugh the nostalgia…

I’ve done a TON of research, and there’s only a handful of proper Yakitori restaurants in NYC, YAKITORI TORI, YAKITORI TOTTO, YAKITORI TAISHO, and TORISHIN.  While they may be independently great, the bar now is at a whole new level.

The verdict:

  • Space – Love it! It’s quiet, quaint, clean, definitely that Tokyo Izakaya feel!
  • Service – This needs work. The waitresses do not know the menu, and moves at an absolute snail’s pace!  I know true yakitori takes time, but water, napkins, another bottle of sake, those do not!
  • Food – Flavors are good, but needs more/longer margination.
  • Cost (Food) – At roughly 5 bucks for EACH skewer, this is a bit pricey. We recently tried Kenka for the first time, there, it’s 5 bucks for four skewers.  At Yakitori Taisho, it’s roughly 2 bucks per skewer, and at Yakitori Totto, it’s roughly 3 bucks per skewer.  Yea, it’s pricey here.
  • Cost (Sake) – At roughly 140% mark up, this is decent. (Dassai 50 was $65, retail is $27)


Our dinner tonight:

  1. Chicken Heart – just ok, and Berkshire Pork Rib, VERY GOOD
  2. Chicken Gizzard – Delicious
  3. Plum Seaweed Cucumber (too strong plum taste)
  4. Chicken Thigh with Japanese Scallions (scallions were great, but the chicken did not have much flavor), Berkshire Pork Cheek (good but not great), Berkshire Pork Rib (great), Chicken Gizzard (yes, a repeat, still great), Chicken Liver (eh, I love chicken livers, but this wasn’t all that good)
  5. Charcoal Grilled Beef Tongue (love the natural chewiness of the tongue, very good!)
  6. King Oyster Mushroom and Okra (mushroom had little flavor, okra was better)
  7. Foie Gras Rice Ball – Very good, the Foie gras was perfectly cooked, just wished there were more of it
  8. Salmon Roe Rice Ball – Even better, IKURA was still raw, how did they do that?
  9. Chicken Wing (not as flavorful as the thigh) and Shitake Mushroom (better than the oyster mushroom, but still lacks flavor)
  10. Chicken Thigh (thought I would like these more, but I didn’t…)
  11. Berkshire Pork Rib (yes, this was our third, because it was that good!)
  12. Chicken Gizzard 3 and 4 (yes, a total of four of these babies, YUM!)


Overall Thoughts:

Overall, we are happy with the meal, but a really far stretch from Tokyo yakitori.  We are too spoiled…