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145 Duane Street
New York, NY 10013
Please also refer to our TAKAHACHI – Jun 2016 post

We come to TAKAHACHI A LOT, but for the frequency we visit, we almost never write any postings.  They are much more of a local sushi-ya, no omakase served, no fanciness, no frills, thus not as exciting pictures.  Just reliable local fish, and a handful of fish from Japan, all for a very reasonable cost.  If you visit enough, you get an added bonus, it’s like Cheers when you visit, everyone knows your name.  We just thought we’d provide some fresh photos of our recent, July visit…

Our most recent meal consisted of these guys:

  1. ENGAWA ABURI-ed $9.50 per order – Almost always on the specials list, but even when not, you can still order it a la carte. TAKAHACHI serves it aburied and topped with citrus and sea salt.  It’s very good.
  2. NEGITORO Roll (Blue fin fatty tuna with scallion) $10 per order – Another on the special appetizers list that they will allow you to order any time they have negitoro, unless ofcourse if they are incredibly busy. They have to chop up the Toro to make this…  Very, very good!
  3. SASHIMI Plate #1 (À la carte) – From left to right, you can kind of make out two rows…
    • HOTATE (Scallop) $7 per order – TAKAHACHI has one of the most reliable HOTATEs. Always incredibly fresh and sweet.  If they were not able to procure GOOD HOTATE, they simply will not serve.  Very noble (not a sarcastic way).  If they have it, chances are, we would be ordering 3-4 orders.  The photo shows just ONE order.  Healthy serving, huh?
    • KAMPACHI (Amberjack) $5 per order – Very decent. Not at all fishy, but also didn’t rank high enough to warrant a repeat…
    • CHUTORO (Medium fatty Bluefin Tuna) $6.50 per order – Very nice, no chew, not funky aftertaste. Good job!  And again, look at those huge slices!
    • ENGAWA (Fluke Fin) $4.50 per order – Not sure if you can see it, it’s kinda hidden right between the ginger and the UNI. Look real hard…  We ordered the ABURIed one from the appetizer list, but also the sashimi kind.  It was very good, and worthy of having both!
    • UNI (Maine) $12 per order – TAKAHACHI has not been too successful in getting GOOD California UNI this year, but this probably the first actually acceptable, borderline good version, we ultimately ordered 3 more servings…
    • SHIMA AJI (Striped Jack) $6 per order – Very nice, had a nice crunch even, and zero fishiness. YUM
    • SAKE SALMON (farm raised salmon) $3.5 per order – Sounds silly, but I MUCH prefer the nice fatty farm raised salmons over the fancy trouts and chars.
    • OCEAN TROUT $5 per order – Boyfriend prefers the fancy oranges… He loves their ocean trouts
    • IKURA (Salmon roe) $5 per order – Always a second stomach for IKURA. Another piece we had 3 more orders of!
  4. Soft Shell Crab Roll – The super nice part of TAKAHACHI is, you can specifically request for a freshly deep fried soft shell crab! It’s really very different when it’s freshly deep fried or not!  This is always such a nice way to start wrapping up the meal…


Overall Thoughts:

I missed the photo opportunity with my second plate of sashimi, but you get the point.  Just wanted to periodically share, TAKAHACHI is still up there for us!  TAKAHACHI of Tribeca will continue to be one of our fave every-day sushi-yas.  For the value, it gets a very respectable 26: