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Visited in May 2017
348 Bowery Street
New York, NY 10012


We are big fans of Chef David Bouhadana back in the days he was at Dojo, so have been meaning to try Sushi On Jones for – forever!

Two problems.  Problem one, I’m horribly sensitive to temperature changes.  To dine outside, anything 55 and lower is too cold, anything 75 and over is too hot.   On this lovely, balmy day in May, it was 68 degrees, it was PERFECT for sitting outside.  Problem two, Chef Dave hasn’t been serving fish there since they opened!  He pretty much handed it on over to his sous chefs?

A couple of things for diners to be aware of:

  • There is a total of 6 counter seats
  • On days with good weather, it is next to impossible to do a walk in
  • Reservations can be made through text message only
  • Diners are given roughly 45 min from start to end, which includes payment/turnover time
  • As alluded earlier, alcohol is not served. I meant to inquire whether possible to bring our own, but never had the chance.
  • Fish is very fresh, but variety is severely limited
  • Sushi rice is NOT good
  • Chefs are not talkative AT ALL (language barrier)
  • Forget about special requests


We decided to try Chef Mori’s “Premium Sushi Omakase”:

  1. Hamachi (young yellowtail) – this was decent, but nothing to write home about…
  2. Salmon with Jalapeño sauce – YUM! I love me a fatty farm raised salmon.  And the Jalapeño sauce was such a nice compliment.
  3. HOTATE (Scallop) – Served with a little bit of black sea salt, this was so much tastier than it looks. Well done!
  4. IKURA (salmon roe) – Surprisingly good! The pearls were large, plump, and whole.  Very good!
  5. Albacore Tuna – ABURIed (torched) and topped with ginger sauce. Sorry, I really cannot stand Albacore Tuna.  Never met one I enjoyed.
  6. King Salmon – While the Jalapeño sauce was again, very complimentary, it’s just kinda boring to dress the same varietal of fish with the same toppings every time… None the less, very good!
  7. AKAMI (Bluefin lean Tuna) – Decent, but not great. If you’ve been reading my post, I’m kinda coocoo over coco puffs for a great AKAMI.  Even more so than the TOROs.  But this one was not all that…
  8. BOTAN EBI – Definitely not live, but still very fresh, very good. Lovely crunch.  No kitchen means no fried head though.  BOOO!
  9. Wagyu beef – When did Waygu beef become part of every single omakase course? Incredibly delicious!
  10. Hokkaido UNI – Looks horrendous, but not all too bad. Lately, you just can’t seem to find decent UNI anywhere, so “not bad”, is in essence, pretty good.
  11. Wagyu beef with UNI – Not sure if it was because it was ABURIed, but this UNI was better than the last. Why?  UNI with Wagyu is always a lovely combo!
  12. UNAGI (Grilled Eel) – YUCK. Unless it’s in a roll with other goodies, I’m not ever a fan of UNAGI.  But as we stated earlier, absolutely no substitutions.  Boyfriend was kind enough to have mine as well…

Add Ons:

  1. “Big Mac” (Wagyu, UNI, OTORO) – Layering of Wagyu, UNI, OTORO and more UNI topped with black sea salt. No one has a mouth large enough to consume this in one bite.  NO ONE.  However, the combo was amazeballs.  This was absolutely delicious!
  2. “Three stooges” (Oyster, UNI, IKURA) – A small Kumamoto Oyster topped with an overwhelming amount of UNI and IKURA. Everything was super fresh though, so I was not about to complain!  Super duper delish!


Overall Thoughts:

As a New Yorker, what is better than eating on the sidewalk, but under the shade, on a beautiful day in May?  I know!  ALCOHOL!  Ha!  On an amazing day like this, there really is no better place to have sushi.  To be honest, the closest comparable to a standing sushi bar-ish, is Lobster Place, and in that comparison, Sushi of Jones kicks Lobster Place’s you-know-what.  This was a fantastic time!  Will be back again, for sure!