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496 6th Avenue
New York, NY 10011

I’ve contemplated whether or not to do this write up, and then how brutally honest I ought to be.

I do TONS of research before visiting new restaurants, and we only visit what’s supposed to be “up there”.  The photos were gorgeous, the reviews were pretty good, 4 solid stars from Yelp, 4.5 from Open Table, 4.5 from Trip Advisor, and per Eater New York “It’s one of the best sushi deals in town”.  WHAT???  BLASPHEMY!  Mi-Ne is a disgrace to the sushi community!  This is why you trust NO ONE.

We arrived famished, 2.5 hours post our regular dining time.  By all logic, this would make us love whatever it is we are eating.  We most certainly did not!  And at every bite, I heard it from the boyfriend.  The rice was horrendous, BOND ST level horrendous, and every single piece tasted dry, almost stale.  Out of 10 pieces and a roll, only one was tolerable.

Complimentary Appetizers when you get the Sushi Omakase Platter:

Our $60 Sushi Omakase platter tonight:

  1. MADAI– Immediately, you see how bad this rice is. Almost like it was a few days old, put in the refrigerator, brought back out, and left out to warm to room temperature.  The fish was DRY, and the black sea salt did nothing to compliment the fish.  FAIL.
  2. Bronzino – Completely flavorless.  Fail.
  3. Salmon – You can tell from the photo that this was downright old.  FAIL.
  4. Ocean trout – Topped with some mango crap. Turns out to be the first and only fresh piece.  Too bad the mango topping combatted with the fish.  This was the only “tolerable” piece I was referring to.
  5. BOTAN EBI – Zero flavor, zero crunch, and even a bit of funk! EPIC FAIL.
  6. HAMACHI – Are you kidding me? Look at this piece of fish.  I have had better super market sushi than this!
  7. AKAMI – And the streak continues…
  8. CHU TORO – Not only did this taste old, it also came with the funk and chew. Another EPIC FAIL.
  9. HOTATE – This wasn’t horrendous, but again, please just check out this photo – OLD.
  10. UNI from Maine – Looks gross huh? Tasted worse!  Six months ago, I would have given bad UNI a pass, given how hard it was to get UNI.  These days, it’s no longer hard to get decent UNI.  So if your UNI sucks, that’s 100% on you.  Mi-Ne’s UNI SUCKED.
  11. Spicy Tuna roll – I can’t even…


  1. Green Tea and Black bean Ice cream – these were OK! We actually ate our entire ice cream.  We are not sweets people, and NEVER eat our entire dessert.  That is how hungry we still were.


Overall Thoughts:

Before I do my closing argument, please take a look at this absurdly nasty soy sauce container.  You think, this can’t be real.  But it is!!!  My final thoughts…  What is a better way to spend 60 bucks?  20 slices of amazing pizza, 10 incredible gyros, 5 outrageously great burgers, 3 crazy buckets of Popeyes…  I can go on, but you get the point.  Mi-Ne is the epitome of why some people can try sushi for their first time, and think, gross.