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119 Sullivan St
New York, NY 10012
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If you’ve been reading my posts, or if you just take a gander to the side bar with the list of restaurant posts, you’ll quickly see that we went to Blue Ribbon Izakaya A LOT, and now going to Blue Ribbon Sushi a little more often.

It is really neither of those restaurants, it is Chef Takahashi.  We are loyal patrons that will follow him wherever he lands.  When he left Blue Ribbon Izakaya to go to Blue Ribbon Sushi, I called it “the end of an era”.  It is true, Izakaya is not what it used to be, and Blue Ribbon Sushi will not be what Izakaya ever was.  Chef shared that he simply does not have the ability to offer the same experience as he used to at Izakaya.  This is apparent.  Chef used to offer us a beautiful medley of small plates, an item or two from the kitchen, the loveliest of sashimi platters, and a wide variety of sushi.  At Blue Ribbon Sushi, he is not able to offer the same caliber of small plates, not able to offer anything from the kitchen, have limited time to orchestrate his famous sashimi platters, and just less variety when it comes to sushi.  This lesser meal, plus the nuisance of no reservations thus a 45 min wait, it is really hard to keep coming back…

Our omakase tonight:

Small Plates:

  1. Kumamoto Oyster with UNI and raw Quail egg, very good. The item on the right was a IKURA paste, that was insanely salty.  Not good.
  2. 3 cuts of Waygu steak seared over a hot stone and served with a dipping sauce, sea salt, and jalapeño paste. Really good!

Sashimi Platter:

  1. AOYAGI (Surf Clam) – No idea what chef mixed this with, but it was the flavor was amazing. The AOYAGI was so tender, so delicious.
  2. TARABA-GANI (red king crab) – Mixed with a super fresh UNI, this was an incredible serving. THIS is why we love chef.
  3. MIZUDAKO (fresh octopus) skewer – Drizzled with a slightly spicy seasoning and grilled. Good…
  4. ENGAWA (Fluke fin) – This was just wrong. One, this was a lesser ENGAWA cut.  The underbelly of the fluke that does not get sun, thus the dark coloring.  And two, WHY was it served with a miso paste?  The combination was just so wrong!
  5. CHUTORO (Medium fatty tuna) – From all the meals we’ve had with chef, we had never had this veiny of an CHUTORO cut. It was so chewy!
  6. SHIMA AJI (Striped Jack) – Topped with a small dollop of jalapeño paste. It was fine, but nothing special.
  7. MIZU DAKO (fresh octopus) – NAMADAKO was my favorite octopus from chef. It was never too chewy, and always perfect.  This was SO chewy.  Where is my NAMA DAKO?


  1. KINMEDAI (Golden Eyed Snapper) – BEAUTIFUL. Topped with freshly grated YUZU and a tiny bit of sea salt.  So good.
  2. SHIRO EBI (Sweet baby white shrimp) – Very good!!!
  3. AJI (Japanese Horse Mackerel) – Chopped with Ginger and Scallions. Loved this serving.
  4. Farm raised New Zealand River King Salmon – Not usually a fan of salmons, but this ABURIed (torched) and topped with sea salt version was so good!
  5. MIRUGAI (Giant clam) – Slightly fishy…
  6. KASUODAI (Baby sea bream) – Very fresh, very good
  7. HOTATE (Scallop) – Loved this healthy serving! Topped with shaved YUZU and sea salt, this was delish!
  8. Ibony salmon – Seriously, what the heck is this? This was gross.
  9. Ocean Trout – You can’t be serious. Chef is well aware that I’m not a huge fan of salmons, yet this meal has yielded three salmons already.  The problem is that Chef is so crazy busy here, that the same thought and attention to detail is just not there.  This was fine, but nothing special.
  10. OTORO (Super fatty Tuna) – This was so much better than the CHUTORO cut. No veins, no chew, no funky aftertaste.  Very good.
  11. HAGASHI TORO (Fatty tuna found at the top of the tail) – I’m so happy Chef is still making this. So few sushi-yas do this cut of TORO as it is so labor intensive.  This was so good.
  12. HOKKAIDO UNI – Lovely
  13. TORO TAKUAN Hand roll – YUMMMMM


Overall Thoughts:

The cost went up, the quality went down, and I now have a 45 min wait that I never had before.  What do you think?