About SushiGirl.nyc

There are SO MANY reviews, lists and blogs on sushi, why yet another?

I wasn’t going to join the bandwagon, but after much conversation with my gorgeous, wonderful man, I reconsidered. How does my list compare to all the countless others out there? The difference is HUGE.

Do you ever read a “Best of” list and wonder, how is old is that? Or does the person reviewing know anything, at all, about fish? Or of the 10 on the list, are all 10 reviews done by the same person? If not, is one reviewer more lenient/generous than the other? Or think, most of these restaurants look great, but how did these last two so-so restaurants make it on, and how did that really great restaurant NOT make it?


My list will solve all those questions and more! I scour the web looking for new lists, CONSTANTLY! Right behind eating and cooking, reading abt eating and cooking is my favorite pastime! I read through and determine if their opinions hold any weight. If I agree with enough of the list, I will add it to my database of “Best of” lists. I consolidate a list of all the restaurants that others claim to be “Best of”, share that info with you, and then add my two cents. I consider my list, like the Orbitz, Kayak, Trivago of the sushi world. Except you’re not buying anything from me, and I don’t get a commission. I just really enjoy talking/writing fish!

To put everything into perspective, to make the ratings a little less subjective, I’ve put together a 35 point rating system, evaluating the categories of variety, freshness, and preparation of fish, for a max total of 25 points, and then costs of food, and alcohol markups for a max total of 10 additional points. If the restaurant is at 35 points, it means it is PERFECT, awesome variety, crazy fresh, perfect preparation, fair pricing, and low mark ups in alcohol. I had considered doing just one blended score, BUT then thought if my reader has buckets upon buckets of money, and couldn’t care less what they pay, I don’t want the score to deter them. OR if certain restaurants have reasonable food costs, but alcohol is outrageously marked up, then a non-drinker would want to ignore that, but if like us, they drink A LOT, then it might matter a little bit more. See? There IS a reason for my madness!

Notice how I don’t have any ratings for “atmosphere”? You can’t quantify atmosphere, or put it on a scale. You qualify it with a word, a collection of words even. I am a crazy casual girl. Does this mean I should rate casual places higher than the fancy places? I would think not! To describe the atmosphere of a restaurant, I use the following categorizations:

1 – Fancy sushi – This is where you’re going to want to wear something a little nicer, talk a litter lower, act a little more “proper”, follow the rules of a sushi-ya a bit more. If this was a non-Japanese restaurant, it would be the kind where the men must have a jacket on to get in.
2 – Not-so-fancy sushi – You can take a breath! This is the in between kind. The kind where you can wear something nice if you’d like, but if you don’t, you won’t stick out like a sore thumb either. The kind where you can dip your fish in the soy even if the chef already dressed your fish. The kind where if you accidentally dip the rice in the soy, you won’t be scowled at.
3 – Everyday sushi – The super casual kind. The kind where you can talk and laugh as loud as you like, the kind you can wear flip flops to, the kind you can just as well order a bunch of rolls and not worry abt offending the chef or staff.
4 – Sake bar – If you’re not a huge fan of sake, RECONSIDER! Sake is one of those amazing alcohols of the world, where it enhances what you’re eating, gives you a great buzz, but doesn’t ever give you that dreaded hangover. This is coming from the girl that once shared over EIGHT 750ML bottles with her man one night. So really, insanely drunk, but no hangover! The sake bars I’m going to have in my map, the ones I’ll write about, will all have options for snacks. I can’t fathom the thought of having a great drink but have nothing to nosh on!

Let’s talk sushi!